And We Thought the Age of the Pirates Had Drawn to a Close

I’ve always wondered if this sort of thing still happened in today’s modern world of high-level weapons and global surveillance. Well, it turns out some 200-300 pirate attacks are reported each year to the Piracy Reporting Center in Kuala Lumpur.

Long gone are the days of rope-swinging, eye-patched, parrot-adorned raiders, plundering the riches of the seven seas, but still survives the spirit of boarding thieves armed with grappling hooks and a slightly more advanced of rocket-powered grenades and automatic rifles.

Check out this truly wonderful and incredibly in-depth look at The Pirate Hunters and those they pursue. load testing website

Free Hugs Campaign

So I heard about this a long time ago and liked it then and I recognize it’s nothing new to most. But everytime I come back to it, the idea behind it hits me a little bit harder.

Free hugs.

Simply the thought of a complete stranger in this hateful and isolating world, knowing nothing about my life or who I am, wanting nevertheless to reach out and make my day a little better…wow. And it’s not exactly a selfless act on their part either. You know the little-school sayings like “love grows when it’s shared” – however cheesy, this is the physical manifestation of that lesson.

What is the purpose in life? How about making everyone’s just a little bit better. Someday I’ll find myself a sign like that and a street corner all my own.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, give it a look.